American Tribal Style® BellyDance

American Tribal Style BellyDance® (ATS for short) is a group improvisational dance form. Every movement has a cue and there is a leading and following system in place that creates non-verbal communication between the dancers. When you see ATS dancing it looks as though all the movements have been pre planned because the group is syncronized. That is the beauty of this dance form, you are connecting with your fellow dancers to create spontaneous expression that is always changing.

ATS is a modern style of bellydance created by Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman in San Francisco. Her troupe name is FatChance BellyDance® and the name of the “Mothership” is Studio 508. 


ATS is a fusion form of dance, it is not “traditional”. There are influences and movements from Egyptian, Moroccan, Turkish, Arabic, Indian, Flamenco and other places in the Middle East. The tribal aspect comes from the movements, costuming, and improvisational style of dance; and is called American Tribal Style BellyDance® because it was created in American. 

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Meet Martha

Martha started her dance journey in Kelowna with her teacher Jennifer in 2010. She very quickly fell in Love with ATS. At first the draw was the costuming, music, and the movements. But what truly grew the deep roots into her soul was the community and support that comes along with ATS. There are moments in level one where you take the lead and feel as though you have probably done something wrong, only to turn around and see you fellow dancers smiling and encouraging you. The first time that happened she was hooked.

Martha was born and raised in Kelowna but have travelled the world for adventure, experience and dance!

Martha has taken Devi Mamak's Drills and Individual Appraisal intensive in Scotland in 2013.

Martha has completed her General Skills Classic and Modern Training at ATS Homecoming in 2014. Spending 3 weeks in San Francisco learning at "The Mothership"  taking classes and private lessons. Also completing her Teacher Training on that trip.

Another beauty of ATS is that you can dance with people you don't even know like you have known them for years. Martha has experienced this at one of Laurie's Tribal Dance Jam's.  The music starts, you catch the eye of one or more people dance together harmoniously, and then after formally introduce your self. It is so wonderful to be able to share and create an experience like that with other people.



Wildthorne Tribal Collective


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